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Carpooling scheme for your business

KINTO Join helps you meet your sustainability goals, resolve parking challenges and improve your commuter benefit programme

Company carpooling solution

Take part in the sustainable travel revolution

By connecting co-workers who wish to share their daily commutes through an app, KINTO Join’s unique car sharing technology can verify who’s on board and allow employers to offer employees incentives, such as priority parking spaces.

Change commuting habits by incentivising employees to car share to work

Join the rapidly-growing list of companies already resolving a myriad of business challenges with KINTO Join, the UK’s leading corporate carpooling solution.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets are becoming increasingly important to businesses and consumers in the UK. Start a carpooling scheme to help your company reduce its environmental footprint by reducing the number of people driving to work.

Parking congestion

Incentivising employees to carpool to work reduces the number of single occupancy cars coming to your workplace daily, allowing you to resolve parking and traffic congestion challenges.

Employee satisfaction

Offering alternative commuting options and a simple cost sharing system gives your employees an extra reason to stay with your business. It helps you attract new staff and even allows you to hire from further afield.

Carpooling with KINTO Join: How does it work?

1. Match

Our technology can easily connect co-workers who share similar journeys to work and reduce the number of single-person occupancy vehicles on-site.

2. Verify

Verify car sharing in real-time and accurately measure your company’s impact using our carefully developed metrics.

3. Reward

Offer rewards such as premium parking, discounted on-site facilities, vouchers and many more.

4. Report

Automatically generate reporting to demonstrate the positive impact of carpooling within your organisation.

Get started ‑ it's easy

  1. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements and how our platform can help
  2. Receive an online demonstration of our verification technology and see how the platform works in practice
  3. We can create a secure community for your workplace and help you to promote the benefits of green travel to employees
  4. Use our unique reporting dashboard to track, measure, highlight and demonstrate your savings – number of cars off the road, active journeys, CO2 savings and much more…