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Northampton County Council resolves parking issues with KINTO Join by choosing access control


Faced with a severe shortage of parking spaces for its employees, NCC found the solution in partnering with KINTO Join (then Faxi) to launch an incentivised journey sharing scheme for its staff.

To solve the problem, NCC opted to reward employees who carpool to work with reserved and priority parking spaces. With the aid of KINTO Join, NCC managed to remove 2,198 single-occupancy cars from Northampton roads at rush hour  resulting in 2,728 kg of CO2 saved.

NCC’s carpooling community has over 245 members. A total of 1,984 shared journeys were completed to:

  • Remove 2,198 single-occupancy cars off the roads
  • Complete 12,025 shared miles 
  • Save 2,728 kg of CO2


NCC strives to provide parking for all of its employees, becoming more sustainable and cutting traffic congestion and pollution in the process. With 85% of employees driving to work on their own before the launch of the initiative, parking congestion was severe, as well as the amount of daily carbon emissions.

Once NCC moved to its new headquarters, it became clear that the parking capacity available for NCC staff was not sufficient to support the daily number of incoming vehicles, as 1,700 employees travel to work every day and there are only 127 available parking spaces.

About Northampton County Council

Northampton County Council (NCC) governs the county of Northamptonshire, providing a wide range of services, including adult social services, business and economy, community safety and emergencies, health and wellbeing, highways, planning and the environment services, etc. With around 1,600 employees, it provides these services to the county population of over 700,000 people.

How KINTO Join helped

To solve its parking issues, NCC opted to partner with KINTO Join (then Faxi) in 2017 and offer an incentivised ride-sharing scheme, so as to promote sustainable travel options and reduce the number of vehicles coming in every day.

Commuter matching

An analysis conducted by KINTO Join showed that 87% of the staff could share journeys with more than 30 colleagues, based on their typical travel routes and preferred arrival and departure times.

With the help of KINTO Join’s unique technology, employees were able to connect with others with similar journey sharing preferences and carpool to work/home every day. The implementation of the scheme resulted in 155 drivers regularly transporting 220 passengers and filling 60 priority parking spaces on a daily basis.

Additionally, employees were able to cut down on their travel expenses by sharing journey costs with fellow carpoolers.

The verification of shared journeys 

NCC decided to offer priority parking access to proven carpoolers. To make this possible, KINTO Join’s patented verification technology was used – providing tangible proof that the shared journeys have taken place and enabling incentivisation of proven carpoolers.

As a product of KINTO Join’s verification technology, priority parking places were able to be awarded to proven carpoolers in real-time. Therefore, proven carpoolers were awarded priority parking passes and access to the car park.

NCC was also given access to a dashboard showing cumulative data on the number of shared journeys, the amount of saved carbon emissions and the usage of peer-to-peer payment.


Within six months of launching, more than 245 employees had decided to take advantage of the commuting transport network. NCC was able to verify each shared journey, so as to provide rewards to proven carpoolers, increasing the number of interested parties in the process.

The percentage of carpoolers increased to 20% from 2% previously. On average, each community member had around 8 proved shared journeys in a six-month period.