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BHR hospitals partner with KINTO Join to significantly improve their parking management strategy


Due to increasing parking pressures at Barking Havering and Redbridge hospitals (BHR), the facilities team have made the ambitious move to change the parking allocation policy.

With the help of KINTO Join (then Faxi) journey sharing, they were able to change the criteria used for granting parking permits and implement a fairer parking policy. At the same time, they offered an alternative transport network to everyone without a parking permit.


In 2017 BHR was exacerbating their staff parking challenges. More than 800 employees needed to be accommodated in off-site parking with all the side-effects that entails: longer commute times, additional stress, additional costs, etc. Furthermore, many staff reported being dissatisfied with the permit allocation process.

Aware of the issues, the BHR facilities team was determined to find a way to improve the parking situation for their employees. They concluded they would need to allocate parking permits more fairly whilst providing those without permits an equally convenient alternative to driving.

Having identified carpooling as a potential solution, they searched for a tool that could verify shared journeys, allowing them to reward regular carpoolers with parking permits.

About BHR Hospitals

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, with its 6,500 staff and volunteers, care for a diverse community of 750,000 people.  They run two hospitals – King George Hospital in Goodmayes and Queen’s Hospital in Romford, and also serve clinics across outer north east London and run some services from Barking Hospital. BHR hospitals strive to provide outstanding healthcare to their community, delivered with PRIDE. Their PRIDE values of Passion, Responsibility, Innovation, Drive and Empowerment keep them inspired and keep their patients at the heart of everything they do.

How KINTO Join helped

After recognising that verified journey sharing could help them allocate hospital parking spaces more fairly, BHR partnered with KINTO Join (then Faxi) in March 2018.

The verification of shared journeys

Thanks to KINTO Join’s unique verification technology, BHR hospitals were able to verify shared journeys and issue parking permits to those employees committed to carpooling and helping colleagues.

Commuter matching

By recruiting drivers who wanted the sought-after on-site parking permits, BHR was able to offer a convenient alternative to driving to everyone else. Thanks to our matching technology, employees could easily find and connect with co-workers with similar travel routes and work schedules. They could even share fuel and parking expenses, thus saving significantly on commuting costs.


BHR successfully implemented KINTO Join journey sharing to resolve their ongoing parking challenges and provide an alternative transport network for its employees. The BHR KINTO Join carpooler community grew to 827 community members and completed 1,974 shared journeys.

As a result, BHR Hospitals were able to make a positive environmental impact; preventing 3,593kg of CO2 and 1,096 grams of NOx emissions.