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Sustainable commuting for reduced environmental footprint

Meet sustainability goals. Report positive impact.

Cut CO2 emissions, reduce your environmental footprint

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability goals are becoming increasingly important to businesses. Pressured by the government, regulators, competitors and employees, businesses strive to become more sustainable as part of their CSR initiatives.

Whether you focus on sustainability to improve operational efficiency, to deliver net zero carbon emissions, to meet regulatory requirements or to gain reputational advantage, KINTO Join can help.

Sustainable commuting with KINTO Join


Get a record of eco-friendly journeys to be able to reward sustainable commuters and report positive impact


Incentivise sustainable commuters to further motivate positive travel behaviour


Generate sustainability reports to easily deliver data and demonstrate the positive impact your team is making

Reward sustainable commuting

Thanks to our patented verification technology, we make it easy for you to reward employees who choose sustainable commuting options. We can validate green travel in real time, allowing you to issue parking permits and other reward vouchers.

20% of UK employees decide to quit their job due to job location or length of their commute.

Source: Glassdoor ‘Tipping Points’ Survey: Resignation Tipping Points

Choose your own rewards

  • Reward eco-friendly travel with free tea and coffee, vouchers, discounted lunches and much more
  • Reward those who car share with priority or reserved parking spaces, discounted permits or vouchers
  • By having access to our unique reporting suite, you can run competitions, cross-site leaderboards and raffles

Easily demonstrate your sustainability impact

KINTO Join not only helps you improve the commuting behaviour of your employees, but it also allows you to monitor and report your environmental impact.

  • Access a smart, customisable data dashboard to deliver sustainability statistics to key stakeholders
  • Automatically generate employee leaderboards
  • Set up targets such as CO2 and NOx savings, number of cars taken off the roads, etc.

Get started ‑ it's easy

  1. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements and how our platform can help
  2. Receive an online demonstration of our verification technology and see how the platform works in practice
  3. We can create a secure community for your workplace and help you to promote the benefits of green travel to employees
  4. Use our unique reporting dashboard to track, measure, highlight and demonstrate your savings – number of cars off the road, active journeys, CO2 savings and much more…