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Sustainable commuting for hassle-free parking management

Reduce car park pressures. Improve commuter satisfaction.

Tackle Facility and HR challenges by easing parking congestion

Parking challenges and road congestion around the workplace can have a negative impact on organisations and employees alike. This is why many companies are focused on developing initiatives to tackle the following:

  • Limited parking availability
  • High CO2 emissions in congested areas
  • Travel related stress and the impact on employee well-being and productivity
  • Additional employee or employer parking costs

KINTO Join supports organisations to overcome these challenges by helping to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on-site.

Journey sharing with KINTO Join


Connect employees who want to commute together to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles coming on-site.


Verify carsharing in real-time and reward carpoolers with a reserved car park space.


Automatically issue a parking permit to drivers by integrating the app with your existing car park system.

Improve your employee parking policy

KINTO Join helps you change the commuting habits of your employees. By reducing the number of people driving to work alone, you’re directly reducing road congestion around your workplace, as well as parking demand.

But that’s not all. KINTO Join also helps you implement an improved employee parking policy. Instead of assigning car park spaces on a first-come-first-serve, seniority or length-of-service basis, you can reward those carpooling and having a positive impact on road and parking congestion.

Car Park Security

We can integrate with ANPR cameras and your existing parking infrastructure, allowing you to tailor your incentives and reward responsible behaviors.

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  3. We can create a secure community for your workplace and help you to promote the benefits of green travel to employees
  4. Use our unique reporting dashboard to track, measure, highlight and demonstrate your savings – number of cars off the road, active journeys, CO2 savings and much more…