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Revolutionise the way your employees commute

KINTO Join is a corporate commuting solution that revolutionises the way your employees travel to work. Our solutions are clever, simple to use and kind to the environment - helping to reduce your CO2 footprint or car park demands, whilst making reporting your positive environmental impact easy.

The KINTO Join app connects employees sharing the same route to work and verifies active (walking and cycling) and shared (carpooling) journeys in real-time. Thanks to our patented verification technology, we make it easy for employers to reward sustainable commuters with built-in incentives, such as priority parking or gift vouchers.

Why KINTO Join?

At KINTO Join, we believe that there is a smarter and more efficient way for people to commute. Our mission is to empower organisations to improve the commuting experience of their employees.

As fleet, HR, procurement, and other functions begin to merge and employees become more agile in their working environment, we understand that organisations must adapt too. With over eight years’ experience with corporate carpooling technology, and part of Toyota’s new mobility brand KINTO, you will be in safe hands.

Three benefits of KINTO Join

Join the rapidly growing list of companies already resolving a multitude of business challenges with KINTO Join, the leading employee commuting solution.

  1. Improve Sustainability
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets are becoming increasingly more important to businesses and consumers. KINTO Join will help your organisation lower its environmental footprint by reducing the number of people driving to work.
  2. Ease Parking Congestion
    Reduce parking and traffic congestion and mange your carpark better with our tools. By incentivisng your employees to walk, cycle or carpool you will reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles coming to your workplace.
  3. Employee Satisfaction
    Give your current employees another reason to stay, attract new staff and even hire from further afield by offering alternative commuting options.

Key Service Features

Fully Mobility Service
We are more than just carpooling; our all-in-one app gives your employees the flexibility to choose how they want to commute, whilst we give you the dedicated support to ensure your employees are actively engaged in the programme.

From unique matching and verifying technology to seamless reward administration, KINTO Join has everything you need to transform the way your employees commute.

Safe and Secure
We ensure you have complete control of who can join your sustainable travel community. By providing a safe and secure environment, you will increase employee uptake.

Easy to Use
Our platform is feature-rich and incredibly user friendly. This guarantees an excellent user experience and an immediate, measurable reduction of travel emissions.


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